Reason and Outcome, ILL Machine, Ars Campus in Ars electronica Fesival, Linz, 2013


This work is a study of time, movement, relations, interactions and influence, randomness and feedback. It exposes an inextricable tangle of objects moving simultaneously, reacting to the beholder in a mechanical yet interconnected fashion — each part both influences and is influenced by all others. The flexibility of the stripes and belts, the tension of the springs, cable lengths, the wheel rotation rate, fluctuations in weight, the engine power, the ability to meet resistance and the beholder’s movement, while trying to understand what they are looking at, are all parameters contributing to the measure of chaos of the overall motion. The system fluctuates between states of stress and slackness, between static and erratic moments, between predictable and unexpected reactions in a mechanical metaphor of the dynamics of living systems.

Computational advice: Amir markovitch, Zvika Markfeld
Mechanical support: Eitan Cahan