EEG interactive Audio Visual installation

Exhibition –  Muses, curated by Zvika Markfeld and Saron Paz, at the conference BrainTech 2013, Tel Aviv


BrainFeedback0The work creates synchronization between the brain situation and an audio visual sequence. It builds connections and fluctuations between the visual output and the user’s wish to understand the mechanism of this output. Frequencies in the brain creates a space of different visual worlds and editing manipulations up on them. It creates a correlation between the tendency of the brain to correct perspective distortions and the processes of adaptation and learning in order to reach the desired state individually appropriate.

The Neurosky mindwave headset sends the output of different brain frequencies: Alpha, Beta, Gama, Delta and Theta. It analyzes the EEG signal and gives the attention and meditation level. It gives also detection of eye blinking and blinking strength. The user’s brain activity manipulates the scene which is created with VVVV multipurpose toolkit, he can zoom in, rotate, change video sequences and switch between video, camera and other adjustments of the image. Sound is generated with Pure Data.

Thanks to Toby Knyvett for the Thinkgear contribution

Photographs and video by Nir Elias