Art, Science and Technology: An Israeli perspective, 2016
Erarta Museum, St Petersburg
Curators Yael Eylat. Lila Chitayat, Sayfan G Borghini

What can resemble the mind activity? A stream of thoughts and associations, functions and values running in different levels at the same time? An amorphous solid construction in constant transformation and varied in its states of grasp, crystallization and disintegration? A sequence of electro-chemical impulses emerging from a specific area towards their destination soaring in synchronicity? Data units, encrypted by the individual pattern, translated and synthesized, expressed as reaction, sense or call to action.
The work is trying to track few lost data units in their journey through the brain labyrinth.
In what kind of terrain are they navigating? What inhabits their environments – electric currents, chemical compounds, bits, old scripts, ASCII code, particles, eraser data units, constructor enzymes or photonic accelerators?
Neurosky mindwave headset is used here to track EEG spectrum (alpha waves, beta waves, etc), it sense meters (attention and meditation) and eye blinks. These parameters are controlling different stages of data behaviors, image scenery and audible frequencies.
Composition software: Vvvv, Pd.
Thanks to vvvv contributors : TobyK, Vux, Woei, Martin Zreck
and to Pd experts: Tomas Nero, Jimqode
Video Shooting: Yaroslav Kostenko

EEG Audio visual installation, Art&Technology , Curated by Yael Eilat, Kiev, Nov 2014