Paper cuts


Black and White magic, 2003, paper cut, 29.5*23cm

B&W magic 3L

Ripple and Breaker, 2003, paper cut, 29.5*23cm

Ripple And Wave LR

The Legend of Species & Phenomena, paper cut, 2004-5, 50*70 cm

The Legend Of Speicies & Phenomena

Concretion / Conglomerate, 2005-7, Paper cut, 70-100 cm
Concretion L

Double Wheel Fugue, Kinetic paper cut, 2009, 70*100 cm

Double Wheel Fugue31

Interference Exercise, paper cut, 2006, 70*100 cm

Interference Exercise LR

Monad, paper cut, 2010, 6.5*6.5*6.5 cm

Monada2 copy

Slide bundles, Paper cut, 2008, 29.5*42 cm


Waves net, 2007, paper cut, 21*28cm


Resonance pattern, 2007, Paper cut, 28-19cm

Resonance patternL

Wave Lengths, 2004, Paper cut, 25-21cm

Wave LengthsL

Mole Traces, Laser cut, 2009, 30*44 cm

Mole Traces framed copy